Wisdom Teeth Extraction Recovery Tips

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People who have had wisdom teeth extraction know that post procedure can sometimes be uncomfortable due to some tenderness and swelling symptoms. If you are down the road to recovery after wisdom teeth removal, and you want to make sure that your recovery period is the best as possible, at Brown’s Line Dental in Etobicoke, we have gathered recovery tips made just for our patients who have had their wisdom teeth removed. Check them out below!

Recovery tips for Wisdom Teeth Extraction:

Abstain from Smoking and Drinking Alcohol
Do not drink alcohol and stop smoking 24 hours after your wisdom teeth surgery. Drinking liquor and smoking cigarettes or tobacco have bad effects on your teeth and thus delay your recuperation period.

Eat Liquid and then Soft Food
Clear liquids are advised after wisdom teeth extraction. Then, after a few days, soft food is allowed. Stay away from hard food that can oust the blood clot in your empty socket. Blood clots help in healing process.

Avoid Strenuous Activities
Don’t engage in any strenuous activities such as exercise, lifting heavy objects and running to prevent worsening pain and swelling after wisdom teeth removal. Also, limit your activities for a few days to allow your empty sockets to heal completely.

Keep Blood Clot in place
24 hours after your wisdom teeth extraction, blood clot forms in the empty socket of your gums and this blood clot speeds up recovery. Therefore, avoid using straw, forceful rinsing, and spitting that can dislodge the blood clot in your gums.

Have Pain Medications
Pain medications will help relieve pain from surgery. Your dentist will provide you with painkillers after your wisdom teeth extraction.

The recovery time frame after wisdom teeth extraction will take around two weeks, yet it will likewise depend upon how seriously your wisdom teeth are impacted. Wound size also matters in the duration of your recuperation period. Talk us, your dental team in Etobicoke, if you want to learn more about recovery tips after wisdom teeth extraction.

-The Browns Line Dental Team

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