Professional Dental Whitening Procedures in Etobicoke

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Are you looking to whiten your teeth for the holiday season? Professional tooth whitening is becoming more affordable and accessible than ever, and many say that it is indeed worth the price.

It never hurts to have a brighter smile in holiday photos or to look great for your friends and family. But there are many so professional whitening options that dental offices offer today. Each professional whitening treatment involves approximately the same amount of time in the dentist’s chair, and costs are similar at around five hundred dollars, so which will you choose to whiten your smile this holiday season?

Most professional whitening procedures involve the application of hydrogen peroxide gels to the tooth by a trained dentist, for a period of approximately one to two hours. Often, the teeth are illuminated during application with blue light to speed the whitening process.

In the past, risks have been associated with professional tooth whitening procedures that include extreme oral sensitivity and the deterioration of tooth enamel, but some of the newer whitening gels available contain components that can reduce sensitivity, and strengthen tooth enamel, coming as relieving news for patients who were previously deterred by these issues.

Your dental professional can deliver safe and effective professional tooth whitening results, in as little as a few hours. Be ready for the holiday season this year with a brighter smile!

To find out more about the professional teeth whitening services that we offer, contact our Etobicoke dental office, Brown’s Line Dental today at 416-259-0561, or book your appointment online!

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