Bruxism: Teeth Grinding Solutions

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Teeth Grinding or Bruxism is a condition in which a patient clenches their teeth involuntarily. Over time, bruxism can have a direct impact on one’s teeth and can lead to jaw pain, cracked teeth, and tooth sensitivity.

Bruxism can affect people of all ages and usually happens at night. It is considered a complex disorder because it has many possible causes, but in most cases, the reason is unknown. With this knowledge, it can be challenging to find a definite solution to stop teeth clenching. However, there are still some ways to prevent and help relieve this type of dental problem.

Bruxism Solutions

Relaxation Techniques: Exercise, meditation and even a body massage after a warm bath can go an extra mile in solving problems with teeth clenching. According to research, anxiety and stress are the most common causes of bruxism. Therefore, treating the underlying cause can eventually solve this teeth grinding problem.

Use of Mouthguard: Mouthguards protect teeth from grinding against each other. It acts as a protective barrier between the upper and lower jaw. When worn at night, it helps to have a good night sleep.

Treat Obstruction of Airway: Small airways can cause bruxism. If you have obstructed airway or a small airway, seek medical advice for a helpful solution.

Correct Misaligned Teeth: Misalignment of the jaw or teeth can also cause teeth grinding. Sometimes orthodontic treatment can correct this problem. A dentist can recommend the appropriate solution.

Take Muscle Relaxant: Take the prescribed medication of your dentist, especially if you have a severe form of bruxism. For example, muscle relaxants can keep your jaw and teeth from clenching at night.

These are some of the common solutions to bruxism. Here at Browns Line Dental, we help our clients with bruxism and other dental health problems and treat them accordingly.

We advise that you seek treatment for bruxism as soon as you can to prevent dental problems like jaw pain, enamel wear and tear and other damage. Contact us at our dental office in Etobicoke today!

– The Browns Line Dental Team

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