How to Protect Your Teeth During the Holidays

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With the holidays here, you’ll be busy running around and your dental care may fall to the sidelines. Not to worry, our team at Brown’s Line Dental is happy to help with a few friendly reminders to keep your teeth happy this holiday season.

Tip #1: Indulge a Little! It’s the holiday’s and of course you’ll want to have some sugary treats. The important part is to try to limit how much sugar and how often you are eating it. Try to drink water after indulging in any treats to help wash away any sugar clinging to your teeth.

Tip #2: Don’t use your teeth to open packages or bottles. It may be instinctive or easy for some to help them rip open a package, but this is very dangerous. It can lead to cracks developing in your teeth! This can be very painful and require procedures you wouldn’t have otherwise needed in the future.

Tip #3: Keep up with your dental care routine! We know this time of year can be very busy but try to keep up with brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing daily. Your teeth will thank you!

Hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

– The Brown’s Line Dental Team

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