Jaw Pain?

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Are you experiencing a throbbing or uncomfortable pain in your jaw? It can occur suddenly or become more intense with time. Identifying the source of the problem is the first step to treating the pain. Here’s what you can be aware of:
Grinding Your Teeth 

This can cause terrible damage and lead to further problems with your teeth! This is not the same as chewing! Teeth grinding has more of a “clenching” movement. People often do this when they are stressed, during sleep or they may not be aware of the problem at all! A mouthguard may be a good solution in these cases. 

This is an infection which affects one’s bones and surrounding tissues. It travel through the blood stream, but can be treated using antibiotics or a surgical procedure. 
TMD Disorder 

This is known as Temporomandibular disorder which affects the joint of the jaw. The disorder is often accompanied by a clicking sound in addition to pain. In severe cases the jaw can become permanently stuck! 
A dental professional, such as Brown’s Line Dental in Etobicoke can help with jaw pain. Consult us for a dental appointment today! 
– The Brown’s Line Dental Team 
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