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Sugars are tend to be an unavoidable part of your diet. They do give you energy, but they can also have some extremely harmful effects on your teeth. Depending on the type of sugar you consume, will have different effects. Which sugars are good for us and which should we avoid?

Here is a breakdown of the different types of sugars and their effects:

Sucrose – More commonly known as every day table sugar. This is the sweetest form of sugar (think of sweets and candy). Sucrose is the worst for our teeth because it makes it harder for us to remove the plaque when brushing. 

Fructose – This sugar is found in fruits and vegetables. As a fruit, fructose is beneficial to the body. However, when concentrated in the form of soda it can cause serious tooth decay.

Glucose – Glucose is the main sugar found in our bodies. Although all sugars are broken down into glucose, it can still be harmful to our teeth. 

Lactose – Found in many dairy products such as milk, cheese, and yogurt. This sugar is not very sweet, but still contains acid which can be harmful to your teeth. 

Maltose – Maltose is a sugar that can be found in grains such as bread and cereal as well as in drinks such as beer. Beer is made up of glucose molecules hooked together that have an acidic level high enough to dissolve our teeth.

Although most sugars can cause harm to your teeth, they can still be consumed in moderation. Be sure to rinse your mouth after consuming sugary and acidic foods! This will help reduce the chances of acid building in your mouth and cavities developing as a result. For more advice on dental care in Etobicoke, contact Brown’s Line Dental today! 


– The Brown’s Line Dental Team 

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