Dental X-Rays


At Brown's Line Dental we only use digital x-rays which means less radiation exposure for you and your family. Digital x-rays are immediately available for viewing on our computer screens during your appointment.

We decided to aqcuire the size 0 digital xray sensor for our patients that are children or smaller adults. It is much smaller than the standard size 1 sensor. It involved significant expense but it makes the taking of xrays of children much more comfortable (or even possible at all). It is indispensable in diagnosing decay, missing teeth or abscesses. In addition to ease of use and expanded possibility of use on certain patients, it requires 40% less radiation than even the low dose required by the Kodak Carestream Size 1 Digital Sensor, which is our X-Ray workhorse.

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Below is a partial list of several of the services that we offer to our patients. All treatments were performed and photographed by Dr. Sonshine at Browns Line Dental and appear with the permission of the patients.
Monthly payment plans can be arranged. In addition, 12 month no interest financing is available for all Invisalign cases.