Dental Implants

The next best thing apart from your natural teeth. Implants are permanently anchored to your jaw allowing you to have teeth which feel as natural as possible. Implants can replace ill-fitting dentures and or missing teeth.

Dental implants are a source of artificial teeth that look natural and feel secure. Dental implants can also be used to attach a full or partial dentures. In some cases the implant "anchor" can be placed at the same time a broken down tooth is removed.

These dramatic photos (below) illustrate what can be done using implants. This woman works in auto sales. Her upper teeth all required removal due to infection and neglect. Six implants were placed at the time of extraction. We then fabricated a complete set of upper teeth on an acrylic rim(no palatal coverage). "Locator" attachments were used to provide a positive grip between the teeth and the upper arch. In fact the patient must exert considerable force to remove the teeth from her mouth.

What is involved in placing implants?

A procedure is performed to place an anchor. About three months can be required for the bone to grow around the anchor to firmly hold it in place.

After this time period, the artificial teeth are made and fitted to the post portion of the anchor. This step usually takes two appointments and are one week apart.

Implants can be used to replace a single tooth, or several teeth, or a complete set of teeth.

The series of photos below illustrate the replacement of a upper first molar completed at our office.

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dental implant xray

Step 1: Illustrates the implant in the upper jaw on x-ray. In this case the broken down molar was removed and the implant placed at the same appointment.

dental implant collar

Step 2: Three months later, this is a photo of the "healing collar" which covers the implant and is attached to it by a screw. The collar is removed and an impression is taken.

dental implant titanium screw

Step 3: One week later, the gold base is attached to the implant with a titanium screw and at the same appointment...

dental implant crown

Step 4: The final crown is cemented over the post. The patient now has a very strong tooth. 95% are still retained after 20 years.

Implant Retained Complete Upper Denture

This patient of many years was dissatisfied with her complete upper denture-she was missing all of her upper teeth. The fit was never good due to various problems. The denture was always loose and did not look realistic.

I sent her to a periodontist I work with who really knows implants. He preepared 6 implants (locators) in her upper arch along with bone augmentation. I prepared this complete upper denture for her (with no palate). You can see the 6 receptacles that the locators will "snap into". The fit is so tight that she will have to use both hands to remove the denture. This is our happy patient with her upper denture inserted, not moving and looking natural. Stay tuned as we restore her lower teeth!

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Below is a partial list of several of the services that we offer to our patients. All treatments were performed and photographed by Dr. Sonshine at Browns Line Dental and appear with the permission of the patients.
Monthly payment plans can be arranged. In addition, 12 month no interest financing is available for all Invisalign cases.